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WAWSA gives informational presentation


Posted 5/01/18 (Tue)

WAWSA gives informational presentation

(The following correction was received from WAWSA after publication: In the third paragraph of the Future Projects section, it says WAWSA sold $11 million in industrial sales in the first quarter. The correct number for first quarter 2018 sales is $4.5 million.

In the first paragraph of the Financial Details section, it says domestic water sales revenue is used to repay the $229 million in funding. WAWSA’s loan repayments for the initial $229 million in funding are made exclusively with industrial sales revenue.)

By Traci Papineau

An in-depth informational presentation by the Western Area Water Supply Authority (WAWSA) occurred at the R & T Water meeting Monday evening.

Program Manager Cory Chorne detailed not only the background and history of the project but also financial particulars and future projects.

“This has been a wonderful project for Northwest North Dakota,” said WAWSA Chairman of the board, Mark Owan.

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