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Ukulele Club exposes students to strings


Posted 2/07/17 (Tue)

Ukulele Club exposes students to strings

By Cecile Wehrman

An instrument with the reputation of a toy is providing Tioga students with an introduction to string instruments.

Central Elementary School Music Teacher Michael Osthus organized a Ukulele Club after receiving money from the Tioga Endowment Fund to purchase ukeleles to use  with students willing to commit to a 6-week immersion in learning the instrument.

As Osthus strums what looks like a real miniature guitar, the sound is amazingly melodic -- not tinny or toy-sounding at all.

“It’s gotten a reputation as a toy instrument, but it still can be used as a good solo instrument, a good ensemble instrument,” said Osthus, who can pretty quickly tune one of the instruments by ear.

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