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Tioga water tower painting splatters on neighboring properties, leaving spots


Posted 8/23/16 (Tue)

By Kevin Killough
Tioga’s water tower finally got its paint job, and the pirate logo can be seen for miles around.
Unfortunately, not all the paint stayed on the tower. 
In the course of putting the paint on, some of it blew over in the high North Dakota winds and dropped small splotches on the cars, deck, and patio furniture at neighboring houses. 
It’s uncertain just what other properties have been impacted but Commissioner John Grubb asked AE2S engineer Larry Anderson to have the contractor, Landmark, go door-to-door to make sure all damage has been reported and addressed.
In what appears to be an underestimation of the area’s notorious winds, Anderson said Landmark decided to roll on the paint, rather than using sprayers, and figured this would eliminate the need to put up a canopy. 
Originally, it was believed only one household’s property had been impacted, but then Mayor Drake McClelland received a call from a second person who found paint on his vehicle.
Rather than risk people not speaking up and problems being discovered after the contractor has left, the commission requested all neighboring residents be asked about any paint damage. 
Grubb said after the first case was discovered, the contractor began putting tarps over nearby vehicles to prevent further issues. 
Patty Jensen, who lives next to the tower, said she had been in contact with the contractor, and they were being very cooperative. 
She said she felt certain the issues would be addressed. 
It’s uncertain what actions will need to be taken until all the damage is assessed, but Anderson said the paint splotches are fairly small. 
Some spots may be able to be buffed out, but if full repaints of vehicles are needed, the contractor will fix the problems.


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