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Tioga Commission sets December deadline on housing ordinance


Posted 11/21/17 (Tue)

Tioga Commission sets December deadline on housing ordinance

By Marcus White

Tioga city commissioners set a deadline of Dec. 18 for the planning and zoning board to complete a temporary housing ordinance that would cover RV parks as well. The decision came after temporary housing units to house employees of local businesses came up for renewal.

“We have approved these in the past because of lack of housing in Tioga,” said Daryn Pederson. “There isn’t a lack of housing anymore. We need to look at whether we want these to continue.”

County commissioners in Williston have begun denying requests for temporary housing permits on the basis that towns, such as Tioga, now have adequate room to house workers.

“I think with having people invested in brick and mortar, the purpose of all of this is to get going more in that direction,” said Building Inspector Dan Larson. “I think that is the direction we should go.”

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