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School has heating issue to resolve


Posted 1/26/16 (Tue)

By Traci Papineau
Heating issues are plaguing Central Elementary School, Principal Tim Schaffer reported during the latest Tioga School board meeting, held Jan. 18.
Due to improper insulation, a head on the fire suppression system froze causing it to burst and flood an inside area of the school. 
Superintendent Carolyn Eide and Schaffer have been in contact with the contractors of the new addition and improvements who blame each other, with neither contractor stepping up to fix the problem.  
In addition, areas of the school are not getting above 63 degrees.  
“The office and entry of the building can’t keep any heat,” said Schaffer.
Although the heating problem is throughout the building, Schaffer reported the new two story addition is staying warmer. 
“It’s an engineering mess,” added board member Jim McGinnity.   
When asked by board member Dan Wolla what was being done to fix the problem, Eide had no answers other than “the fire suppression system is off so pipes don’t freeze.”  
Board member Jeff Moberg Jr., pressed that the problem needs to be taken care of now.  
“This is urgent,” Moberg said and added “it’s a liability issue.” 
Eide said she would continue to contact the contractors and work on the problem. 
English Language Learners
A new English Language Learners handbook was adopted by the board.  
Tioga currently has 13 students learning English as their second language with another six students who are fully incorporated into classes and only being monitored.  
Last year at this time there were a total of 27 students in the program. 
The handbook will guide teacher Julia Rieniets in implementation of the program. It is based off of West Fargo’s program, using state and federal laws for such programs.


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