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Officer accused of theft has relationship with chief


Posted 9/05/17 (Tue)

Officer accused of theft has relationship with chief

By Marcus White

The Tioga Tribune became aware last month of a close personal relationship between Tioga Police Chief Corey Murphy, and former officer, Monique Lopez, who is awaiting trial for alleged theft from the Tioga police department. Lopez has also been observed visiting the police department offices on several occasions since leaving the department.

While Police Commissioner Tim Sundhagen last week acknowledged the relationship between Murphy and Lopez, he said it had no bearing on the decision to hire Murphy as chief and no member of the public has expressed concern to him about Lopez spending time at the police station.

Sundhagen said he was aware of the relationship during the interview process with Murphy, last winter, but said questioning someone’s personal life would have been illegal under state law.

“I trust Corey and I stand behind him,” Sundhagen said Thursday. 

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