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Drone camp draws 50 participants in record-setting heat


Posted 8/14/18 (Tue)

Drone camp draws 50 participants in record-setting heat

By Daniela Gamboa

Fifty students braved 100-plus degree heat to participate in Tioga’s third annual Drone Camp for Kids. 

According to Economic Development Corporation (EDC) Director Dennis Lindahl, there were a total of 78 students signed up by the day of registration, but only 50 showed up. He believes the extreme heat kept some of the children away, but it did not detract from the success of the event.

“I think that the students who  showed up paid a lot closer attention and were the people that wanted to be here -- the people who braved the 101-degree heat yesterday. We had a very good group of students,” said Lindahl.

Students came from both in- and out-of-state. Besides students from Tioga, Williston and Fargo, students came from Sidney and Plentywood, Mont., and also from Wyoming.

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