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Bank of Tioga presents illusionist show Friday


Posted 9/11/18 (Tue)

Bank of Tioga presents illusionist show Friday

By Jody Michael

Matt Adams, an illusionist from Alabama, is coming to Tioga and Crosby on Friday to perform for and give an inspirational presentation to high schoolers.

The Bank of Tioga is sponsoring the show as part of its TBOT Promise program, in which it brings in motivational speakers to present to local youth.

“I’m excited to see it,” said Joy Sparks, the bank’s fi nancial literacy coordinator. “The kids have really responded well to these speakers.”

This is the third year for the TBOT Promise series, following presentations by California bodybuilder Jon Pritikin last year and Missouri storyteller Kyle Scheele in 2016, but the youth rally is a new addition.

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