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Author hopes DeMoe family story spreads awareness


Posted 3/07/17 (Tue)

Author hopes DeMoe family story spreads awareness

This is the second of two parts.

By Cecile Wehrman

When author Niki Kapsambelis met Lori DeMoe in 2009, Lori already had some early symptoms of the disease that had already claimed the lives of her grandmother, dad, older brother and several extended relatives.

But, Kapsambelis said, unless you knew the odds Lori faced as the member of a family predisposed to early onset Alzheimer’s, you would never believe she was destined to lose her battle with the fatal disease.

In the years she worked on “The Inheritance:  A Family on the Front Lines of the Battle Against Alzheimer’s Disease,” (Simon & Schuster, published March 7, 2017), Kapsambelis watched Lori’s decline and, also, her heroism -- making her body available for testing in Pittsburgh, knowing it was too late to help herself.

“Every time she went back, she got a little bit worse. She was aware this was happening and kept doing it,” said Kapsambelis, even though the upset of routines is difficult on Alzheimer’s patients.

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