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Flag football league crowns champions

Posted 8/18/15 (Tue)

By Jody Michael
Crosby’s flag football league held its inaugural championship game Monday last week.
The winners by a score of 19-6 was the team of Tyler Swanson, Erik Delaney, Myka Penny, Brett Waters, Cody Roland, Kevin Cox, Andrew Coleman and Cordell Hull.
Finishing as runner-up was the team of Alli McCoy, Daniel Billingsley, Rod Scholfield, Trevor Thomte, Aaron Windfaldet, Derik Pulvermacher, Shannon Stubbs, Marlo Stubbs, Justin McDermott and Tom McCoy.
The six-on-six league launched this summer with six teams of players ages 14 and up. After six weeks of play, the best four teams competed in a semifinal round to set up the championship match.

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