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When the cows come home

Posted 12/13/16 (Tue)

When the cows come home

By Sydney Glasoe Caraballo

Snow-capped, the wind at their backs, the cows literally came home last week.

Friends and neighbors often tease Lexi Leininger that her cows should just move in with her. And last Monday night, Leininger’s cows seemed to be inviting themselves over. They hoofed it from the family’s farmstead a mile away to serenade Leininger below her bathroom window as they mooed above the howling wind.

Leininger, who ranches near Fortuna, got stuck with her pickup and stock trailer that afternoon while attempting to leave her drifted-in driveway and traverse the uphill, snowy road that heads to the family ranch to feed where the cattle overwinter. Instead, quite a few enterprising cows and calves broke through the electric wire fence and came to her.

“I was lucky that my house was right in the path of the wind,” says Leininger, chuckling. “They came to me for food, and they were out of the wind in my yard.”

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