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Voters extend Crosby park sales tax

Posted 7/20/17 (Thu)

Voters extend Crosby park sales tax

By Jody Michael

A measure authorizing the city of Crosby to continue levying a 1 percent sales tax for the park district and community center passed by a wide margin Tuesday.

Voters in the city extended the sales tax through 2021 with passage of the measure: 132 for, 15 against. Last year, the sales tax generated $203,000.

The sales tax allows the Crosby Park Board to have more funding than when it levied the maximum allowable property tax, which is 35 mills. The board has instead levied only 10 mills on properties every year since the sales tax first began in mid-2013.

The Crosby Blue Line Club operates the community center and has used its share of the sales tax revenue toward paying off its building loan and reimbursing the Park Board for part of the salaries of the park director and foreman, currently Brock Harward and Terry Crotts, to employ them for hockey-related duties each winter.

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