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Survey profiles Crosby city candidates

Posted 5/29/18 (Tue)

Survey profiles Crosby city candidates

Five Crosby City Council candidates were asked to participate in a survey for publication in The Journal -- Wayne Benter, Alexa Kruger, Brian Lund and Don Wolf, responded. A fifth candidate, Doug Anderson, did not return his.

The election is Tuesday, June 12.

Q: Why did you decide to run for City Council?

Wayne Benter: I enjoyed serving on the council from 2012-16 and would like the chance to serve the people of Crosby again.

Alexa Kruger: I decided to run for council at this time because, number one, I feel it is so important for people my age to be active in our community and, number two, I want to be a part of something that helps the future of the town that I grew up in and that I am raising my family in. I want to run to ensure Crosby stays the way it has always been -- and much more.

Brian Lund: I have decided to run for city council again because I have enjoyed working with our present council, working out issues that arise for the city on a daily basis. I work with the auditor and Street and Water Departments on a daily basis, helping with issues that arise. My background with the water and sewer distribution system helps our new employees with questions that come up throughout the year.

Don Wolf: Some things need change. I served previously on the council, but don’t remember the dates.

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