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Street work could last up to six months

Posted 1/12/16 (Tue)

By Cecile Krimm
A major street repair and sewer line replacement project in Crosby could last five to six months, according to City Engineer Bill Moonen.
On Monday night, the city council heard a few details of a timeline that is of growing concern, especially to businesses operating on Main Street.
Mayor Bert Anderson said he had received a call from a business person concerned about access to their store, especially since the intention is to pave both Main Street and the alleys on either side of it.
“I told them we will be coordinating with them and we will try to make that as smooth as possible,” said Anderson, while at the same time realizing there’s bound to be some hiccups along the way.
Moonen said a design meeting with the city will take place in the next few weeks to make sure the project is headed in the right direction. He is shooting for the plans to be done by the end of February, with bidding in March and a bid opening around April 1.
After that, the project could take five to six months to complete.
“It will be in the fall before everything gets wrapped up,” said Moonen, but how to sequence the work so businesses are not left without any access is one of the aspects of planning underway now.
Another consideration that will go into the plan, said Moonen, is what the city wants to do about downtown lighting.
Moonen said he is still looking at options, but it appears a fresh start on downtown lighting may be necessary. That would involve reusing the “new” existing downtown lights somewhere else in town and ordering a product such as the one Tioga recently installed. There would also be more lights per block downtown, perhaps five per block.
The council asked Moonen to come back with cost estimates and designs for their consideration.

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