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ND 42 bid call is delayed

Posted 2/09/16 (Tue)

By Cecile Krimm
Across-the-board state budget cuts called for last week will impact construction of ND 42 this summer, but District Highway Engineer Joel Wilt said the project will go forward and be built to the 105,500 pound specs desired by county commissioners.
Last week a landowner contacted The Journal concerned about information from a contractor that the project had been “pulled.”
Wilt said the bid deadline has been pushed back, but construction is still set for this season and the only change is that it will not be built to “unrestricted” specs as previously planned.
“It will have a spring time load restriction on it,” he said, of either 7 or 8 tons.
Currently, the road has a 6 ton load limit.
“We wouldn’t re-do a road and do it for less than 105,500,” he said.
County officials have long lobbied for the beefing up of the road because its lack of capacity has tended to push truck traffic onto township roads.
When the Gov. Jack Dalrymple recently called for across-the-board cuts in all state departments, the project was one the Department of Transportation wanted to re-evaluate. 
As an unrestricted road, it would have been built to specs similar to U.S. 2 , which are now deemed “overkill” in light of the downturn in the oil patch and the need to cut about 4 percent of the department’s budget.
“We’re just making it like all the other roads,” Wilt said, such as ND 5 and U.S. 85. “That 4 percent has to come out of these projects.” 
ND 5 from Crosby to Noonan will also be under construction this season.

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