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JDA talks about Southridge inaction

Posted 8/16/16 (Tue)

By Cecile Wehrman
Frustration over a lack of development on Crosby’s south side is a topic for discussion among members of the Divide County Jobs Development Authority (JDA), but also for the community at large.
One problem, said Community Developer KayCee Lindsey, is the lack of rules requiring specific setbacks or a time frame in which development must occur.
Said JDA Member Robbi Larsen, “I don’t think you’re going to get anyone to do anything when there is that much uncertainty.”
Lindsey wondered aloud whether there is any way to retroactively require lot owners to do something with the space they own along the city’s south highway frontage.
“Anyone can build anything out there,” she said.
Speaking hypothetically, she added, you could have a beautiful brick faced bank or spa, and someone could put in a dog kennel next door.
Another building might set its front right on the lot line, while another may decide to build 100 feet back.
“The planning and zoning, to me, really needs to be looked at because it hasn’t been looked at since 2001,” Lindsey said.
JDA Member Gerald Brady said it could be the city expected a developer to purchase much of the land and set up its own covenants, but no developer has appeared -- just a handful of private purchases.
Larsen, who works at Farm Credit Services, on the edge of the Southridge parcel, agreed these are all issues of concern.
“People still don’t think of us as part of Crosby,” she said, because it doesn’t appear to be part of the town.
No plan of action was determined but it’s an issue board member Denise Johnson said that is beginning to be raised by fellow city council members.

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