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Home Helpers agency expands to DC

Posted 11/28/17 (Tue)

Home Helpers agency expands to DC

By Cecile Wehrman

Art and Dora Strand are as about as independent as any 90-something couple can be.

“Personally, I don’t feel we’re in a situation where we need home help,” said Art, 94, but with a little nudge from their children, the couple lately has been receiving visits from an agency called Home Helpers.

Matched with a caregiver, Deb Selle, Fortuna, the Strands can have help driving to Dora’s regular Friday hair appointment, doing shopping, light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation and many other services, if they wish.

While the idea of home help isn’t new to Divide County, receiving those services through an agency is. And because Divide County was once home to Home Helpers franchisee Kayleen (Kinstler) Erdman, the area is receiving access to her Home Helpers service long before many other rural areas will.

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