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Group gives spiritual nourishment to members

Posted 5/08/18 (Tue)

Group gives spiritual nourishment to members

By Syndney Glasoe Caraballo

The three men indulged in some ice cream at McDonald’s on a cold January day between meetings at an agriculture conference they were attending. As they visited with each other, the conversation shifted from the world’s physical hunger to spiritual hunger. The three men shared with each other their stories of faith and agreed they needed to facilitate something in their area to satisfy their hunger and that of others.

“God orchestrated that conversation about what we were doing and how we came to know Christ,” says Cody Roland of that faithful moment with Phil Johnson and Jordan Kimball in 2017. “God laid it on our heart to start a young adult group in the area.”

The genesis of “Let’s Eat” was rooted in developing a faith community through fellowship and friendship. The three men met several times and prayed about what shape their idea would take. Johnson volunteered to host the first meal and meeting. Roland went on social media, set up a Facebook page and started inviting people to attend. Any and all have always been welcome.

Kimball recalls he served pizza at the first study, and approximately 15 people attended.

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