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Crosby pad set to make a splash

Posted 6/30/15 (Tue)

By Jody Michael
Construction of a new splash pad will take place this fall, park director Bob Gillen told Park Board members at a meeting held June 22.
The splash pad will be about 61 feet by 54 feet, nearly the size of a softball diamond, and will sit along 2nd Street West, between the swimming pool and Vournas Field.
Aquatic Recreation Company of Eden Prairie, Minn., is currently designing the master plan, but the board has already chosen its extensive list of water features to put in the pad.
Ground sprays will shoot streams of water from 23 different spots on the concrete pad. An additional 10 spray structures include buckets that dump water, rotating sprays for users to aim at others, and some smaller sprays for younger children.
“This is something that could generate a lot of traffic,” Park Board President Don Anderson said. “I think it’s going to be a big draw.”
Board members briefly discussed whether to charge admission to use the splash pad, as is the case with the swimming pool, but the consensus was against.
“I would hate to see us charge,” Board Member Traci Lund said. “I think it should be a free thing for the community.”
“Most of the ones I’ve seen are open,” Gillen said. 
“I think it’s intended to be a free facility,” Gillen said.
He estimated annual operating cost for the splash pad will be about $10,000.
The project came to fruition through $365,000 in allocated funding from the City of Crosby and an additional $75,000 from the Park Board. Part of the cost went toward a water management system that will recirculate the water after filtration and treatment.
The splash pad is replacing operation of the small baby swimming pool, which has fallen into disrepair. Board members opted to spend funds on building a splash pad rather than on the increasing maintenance necessary to return the baby pool to regular use.
Keller resigns
Board member Jason Keller announced his resignation at the end of the meeting.
Keller will soon be ineligible to continue serving, since he is in the process of moving into the new Prairie Greens housing subdivision located north of town, near the Crosby Country Club.
The Park Board is not able to have members who live outside city limits. Prairie Greens is not part of the City of Crosby, although the Park Board owns the land.
“My house will be done likely this summer,” Keller told the board. “I thought it fair I resign and let you get someone else in.”
Anderson thanked Keller for his time on the board.
“Jason’s been a valuable asset for us,” he said.
The other board members said they will spend the next month seeking potential candidates for appointment to Keller’s seat. Their next meeting is July 28.

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