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Courthouse and street projects set to start soon

Posted 5/03/16 (Tue)

By Cecile Wehrman
Contractors will embark this week on a combined $16 million worth of projects in Crosby.
Members of the Crosby City Council met for an initial contractor’s meeting at 10 a.m. Tuesday, May 3, to discuss the timeline for a major street improvement project, a map for which is published on Page 10 of this week’s Journal.
Without any details available at a city council meeting Monday night, there was little discussion about the project.
The council appointed City Auditor Kristi Imhoff as the city’s contact person for receiving communication from general contractor Mayo Construction and she will be responsible for disseminating information to council members and news media.
Mayor Bert Anderson Monday night asked Imhoff to notify Crosby Area Chamber President Denise Johnson of the Tuesday morning meeting so she can keep Chamber members informed on developments.
Community Developer KayCee Lindsey said she will take any information she receives and share it on local government websites or help the city staff do so, and also post it on  the county’s Facebook page.
The street project is scheduled to begin May 9 and includes reconstructing three Main Street blocks, along with dozens of others around town.
Courthouse project
Divide County Commission Chairman Gerald Brady said Monday the commissioners were to meet for an initial construction meeting at 1 p.m. Tuesday.
A construction trailer arrived on the site of the courthouse over the weekend. Last week, a number of trees on the north side of the courthouse lot were taken down.
Though work on the major addition will be getting underway immediately, Brady said there won’t be a lot of noticeable progress until late this summer.
“There really are going to be no structures going up until August,” he said.
Instead, activity will focus during the initial phase on excavation, underground utilities, plumbing and electrical work.
He said the county auditor has a rough timeline of how the work will progress and more details about that schedule will be published next week.
Meanwhile, the Crosby City Council also discussed Monday a daycare construction project for which the city sales tax fund is contributing major funding.
That project, too, will be getting underway very soon.
On Monday night the council signed a business incentive agreement outlining payments of $200,000 per year for two years.


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