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Council agrees to partner with DCEDC to try limited recycling

Posted 9/13/16 (Tue)

By Cecile Wehrman
The idea of recycling in Crosby is getting recycled.
The city hasn’t had a recycling program since the early 1990s, but following a presentation Monday by Divide County Economic Development Council President Sandra Simonson, the council agreed to give a limited program a try.
“We want to start out with cardboard,” said Simonson, with a single receptacle to be placed at a high traffic location not yet determined.
Simonson said a Williston firm, Chamley Pipe and Salvage, will provide the receptacle and haul it away with the material collected, as needed, probably once every five to six weeks.
Each container will cost $450 per month and if two were needed, it would cost $600. 
Simonson said there is no long term commitment. If the collection site is abused with improper materials or if it just isn’t used, the program can be terminated at any time.
She said Watford City started a similar program and they started with containers that accept cardboard only.
“It’s clearly marked ‘cardboard only,’” she said.
Placing the container in a well lit and well traveled area, she said, is important to prevent people from discarding household garbage or other prohibited items. She said Chamley workers will remove a limited amount of unacceptable material, but if it becomes a problem or if there is too much to easily pick out, the entire load could be rejected and the community would have to pay to have that load landfilled.
“I realize that one recyling bin is not going to change the world, but you have the opportunity to make a small step,” Simonson told council members.
Community Developer KayCee Lindsey said, as a parent of young children, the amount of cardboard that comes into the house is extensive. Having the option of recycling boxes of all kinds will cut down on the amount of trash taken to the curb and to the landfill.
Simonson said still more cardboard comes to town due to the proliferation of mail order business people are conducting to purchase items online when they can’t be purchased in town.
If the program is successful, said Lindsey, a separate receptacle for newsprint could be added later. Next highest priority for collection would probably be magazines. Each of those types of material, the women stressed, must be collected in separate bins.
Though Council member Doug Anderson worried people may abuse the program by disposing of household waste in the bins, others on the council were receptive to the idea.
“I think it would be hard to say we shouldn’t try it,” said Council member Denise Johnson. “If we can’t train the people and they prove we can’t do it, okay, but I think we should try it.”
“I think it’s a good idea to try and a minimal cost,” said Councilman Troy Vassen. “I think we can come up with a good location.”
Simonson said the EDC is willing to pay for the first two months of service but only if the council agrees take the program over after that if it is successful.  A motion to approve at least a two month match by the city passed with Anderson and Councilman Steve Dhuyvetter voting nay.
“I’m not going to vote for it because I think it’s going to be something that has to be babysat a lot,” said Dhuyvetter. “I’m certainly not against recycling. It’s not that I won’t use it or anything else.”
In other business:

  • The council heard a complaint from Don Wolf about patching that has not been finished on his street. Later in the meeting, council members determined it’s too late in the season to start picking and choosing patch jobs. Instead they are considering purchase of equipment to allow city employees to do some patching starting in the spring.
  • Heard from resident Dave McCarty who called for the resignation of Mayor Bert Anderson based on “a conflict of interest” due to Anderson’s service as a state legislator and time devoted to district business. McCarty also complained someone from Anderson’s shop has been telling contractors to bypass local businesses when buying materials. McCarty works at Crosby Building Supply. Anderson declined to comment on McCarty’s accusations and said he will not step down.


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