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Charitable trust established to help Crosby area

Posted 5/01/18 (Tue)

Charitable trust established to help Crosby area

By Cecile Wehrman

The establishment of a trust created from the estate of John Andrist will amount to well over $3 million and provide seed money for projects benefiting his home community for decades to come.

In life, The Journal’s Publisher Emeritus extolled the virtues of giving. Now, the establishment of the John and Elaine Andrist Charitable Trust will keep his giving alive.

Andrist’s son, Steve, announced the trust last week in Bismarck, estimating the annual interest generated at up to $150,000 per year -- money that will fuel projects enhancing charitable, religious, scientific, literary, educational and economic development efforts in Crosby and Divide County.

“I think, when people see what he chose to do, they will see it’s perfectly in character with how he lived his life,” said Steve, and with his belief that all he gained, he owed to the community.

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