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Changes at St. Luke’s include a rebranding initiative

Posted 7/28/15 (Tue)

By Cecile Krimm
Going forward, Crosby’s medical entities will be known as St. Luke’s Medical Center.
The “re-branding initiative” is aimed at bringing the hospital, clinic and nursing home “under one service umbrella to ease confusion within the community,” while better informing people outside the community of the services St. Luke’s offers.
Also announced last week, a new role for Alfred Sams as the new Assistant Administrator and CFO. Sams will train under current assistant administrator Keith Baker, as he moves toward retirement in December 2016.
St. Luke’s also gave an update on the transition between out-going Administrator and CEO  Les Urvand and Cody Barnhart, who joined St. Luke’s last summer.
Two roles
Sams will continue to work part time with the St. Luke’s Community Foundation in his role as executive director.
Baker said the reason for bringing Sams into the new role now is based in part on the success of the transition with Barnhart.
“We want to duplicate that for the Assistant Administrator/CFO position,” said Baker, by sharing the years of knowledge obtained by the current administrators “so that they may experience as many years as we have serving and leading St. Luke’s Medical Center into a successful and bright future.”
Sams holds a Masters in Economics, specializing in macroeconomic growth and development and econometrics. He also has a degree in business administration and finance.
Sams and Barnhart are both licensed through the North Dakota Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators.
“St. Luke’s Medical Center has offered me the opportunity to utilize my education and previous professional experience to serve this area by providing the highest quality medical care as economically as possible,” said Sams. “I am proud to accept the position and honored to be a member of the community.”
Urvand to retire Sept. 30
Urvand will serve Barnhart in an advisory capacity in the final weeks leading up to his retirement Sept. 30.
“Cody is assuming all the daily operational tasks, as well as offering strategic insight and planning for the future healthcare needs of the community,” said Urvand. 
Urvand praises Barnhart’s people skills.
“This is a people oriented business and Cody has demonstrated that he has a definite strength in the management of people. He has proven that he is more than capable and ready to take over my responsibilities in this leadership role,” Urvand said.
New name
The new name was chosen, according to the release, to reflect how most people naturally refer to St. Luke’s, its clinic and nursing home.
The new name for St. Luke’s also comes with a new logo designed to accentuate the connectedness of the three entities and with the community.
The letters “stl” are spelled out in a “solid fluid line” within a circle.
“The intent of the design is to show that even if we did not see the words, St. Luke’s Medical Center, we would recognize the symbol” as the emblem for the team members “who provide high quality care, exceptional patient and resident service and who make our priority focus the families of our service area.”
 A new website,, will offer online bill payment, information about careers available, as well as list activities and contact information. 
“We hope everyone will enjoy the neighborly feel we are striving for,” by showcasing employees, patients and residents, through testimonials about their experiences with St. Luke’s Medical Center.

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