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Celebrating 25 years of quilting -- and friendship

Posted 8/22/17 (Tue)

Celebrating 25 years of quilting -- and friendship

By Cecile Wehrman

Colorful quilts hang on lines in Crosby’s Kulaas Park on Saturday, as welcoming as a chat across a backyard fence of yesteryear, when neighbors hung clothes outside to dry.

A closer look reveals intricate stitching and clever patterns on blankets valued not in dollars, but in time spent.

Inside the gazebo at the center of the park, a dozen of the Dakota Star Quilt Guild’s members chat about the 25th Anniversary of an organization devoted to sharing -- sharing skills, sharing patterns, sharing fabric.

“Half of us, I bet, have stores at our house,” says Glenda Nygaard, because they have collected so many pieces of fabric over the years.

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