The Journal 2020-04-01

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North Dakotans have a long and remarkable history of standing together during times of crisis and emergency, and the coronavirus pandemic is no different. This week newspapers across the state and nation are bringing you the same message we are: “When you’re on your own, we’re there with you.” An important part of that message is a series of reminders: […]

County’s first COVID-19 case isolated herself early

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The chances of anyone getting COVID-19 from the Fennell family seem pretty slim. Andrea Fennell has always been vigilant about germs. She even carries Lysol in her camper and has been hyper-aware of other diseases for years. That’s important to know now that she’s become the first person in Divide County to test positive for COVID-19. She’s been in isolation […]

Nursing home visits require creativity

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The 16 days since Crosby’s nursing home went on lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19 represents the longest period in 72 years that John and Marian Benter have been apart. John, 95, and Marian, 91, can see each other only through a double-paned window, but they can’t hear one another speak. “I’m struggling every day,” admits John, who has […]

Time for work and play

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Spring weather sent many people outside for a respite in recent days. Clockwise from top left: Barb Overbo gardens; Jon and daughter Valentina Alexaitas go for a swing; Tiffany Vigness takes a jog; and Zach Probasco rakes up some leaves. Oops! An active online subscription is required to access this content. Please login below or Subscribe today! Username Password Remember […]

Crosby resident sees a silver lining

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For all the ways COVID 19 has forced people to distance themselves from one another, Crosby resident Marcia Lallum sees one benefit. “It’s remarkable to see the number of families outside,” doing activities together, she said, whether it’s a dad outside playing catch with the kids or a family taking a bike ride. From Lallum’s vantage point, “Something good is […]

We all need to pull together now

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Whines & Roses

Even though we all knew it was bound to come, Divide County’s first COVID-19 case hit like a shock wave Saturday, bringing with it questions about who the person is, how they got it and whether they are already isolating. What about their family members? How do we know if we’ve been exposed? It doesn’t take long in a small […]

Taste of spring turns out to be a pain in the glutes

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Muscle overload and information overload

Oh, my aching back! Blame a stretch of early spring and cabin fever. But let’s go back to the beginning. It’s been a long, sedentary winter for this almost 66-year-old. Shoulder surgery in November meant keeping my left arm in a sling for six weeks, which put an end to my normal winter exercise routine of shoveling snow and pushing […]

Political Cartoon

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They are getting back at us

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Holly Would

People ask me, “Don’t you want children?” or “Don’t you wish you had children?” and I answer back, “I don’t need to have children. I have a mother.” I love my mother. I find her funny. She will allow me to eat her last piece of summer sausage. She will make things for me just because I ask her to. […]