The Journal 2019-02-06

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Processor hopes to find replacement

On a day when postal delivery is cancelled in 10 states, Jeff Ekness spends his Wednesday like any other — butchering steers — outside. “My cutoff in the winter is 10 below,” Jeff cracks, as the thermometer breaches the zero mark. “That’s why we waited until after noon.” For 15 years, Wednesday has been kill day for Ekness, at “the […]

Saving money or hiding bills?

North Dakota voters have overwhelmingly affirmed their desire to have minutes of local government meetings published in the newspaper. A bill headed to the floor this week in the North Dakota House could exempt publication of the bills paid by county governments, allowing county’s to post a bill listing on county websites instead. “What about counties that don’t have websites?” […]

DC grad interns at Disney World

Sometimes the best learning experiences don’t take place anywhere near a classroom. Tyler Harward will attest to the truth behind that statement. Harward, a 2016 graduate of Divide County High School, and student at Minot State University, has recently returned from a seven-month college internship at, of all places, Disney’s Magic Kingdom amusement park, near Orlando, Fla. “Disney definitely taught […]


Dick Roland , Crosby, uses his snow blower to clear up his driveway from a two-day snow total of just under 10-inches, Sunday into Monday. Another inch fell Monday night, with more snow predicted Wednesday, along with frigid temps. Oops! An active online subscription is required to access this content. Please login below or Subscribe today! Username Password Remember Me […]

Norwegian lunch, walk-in knitting and crocheting classes on tap

The Vidda Lodge Sons of Norway will hold a Norwegian Baking Day on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Divide County High School. The event, including a Norwegian lunch, is open to the public. Preparation of flatbrod, almond cake, fattigmand, krumkake, risengrynsgrot (rice pudding), rommegrot, rosettes, sandbakkels, smorbrod (sandwiches), potet klubb (potato dumplings), blotkake (birthday cake), and kransekake […]

Senate-win some, lose some

Capitol Views

It’s been a couple of busy weeks. Lots of meetings, lots of votes. In Senate Transportation we’ve heard all of the Senate bills — 16 total. All should be voted upon by the entire Senate before the end of this week. An update on the primary seat belt bill. The bill failed 23-23 on the Senate floor but was reconsidered […]

Votes could again get short end of legislative stick

Passing Dreams

Sometimes it seems like some legislators feel like they’re smarter than voters. For example, many of them have voiced support for amending the Constitution in a way that gives legislators veto power when the voters approve ballot measures. Because voters, you know, can’t decide for themselves what’s a good idea. Apparently they need legislators to tell them if they made […]

Political Cartoon

Part II of my PC fairytale

Holly Would

You may remember my last column in which I promised you part II of my politically correct fairytale. Let me know what you think. Maybe I could write a politically correct book, also. When we left Holly, she was ridding herself of material possessions in ways that would not create unnecessary crowding in the landfill. Part II: Now Holly, who […]