Cleve Cowley

Cleve Edwin Cowley, 88, passed away Sunday Jan 6, 2019 in Bismarck. A graveside burial/service was held Friday, Jan 11, 2019 at North Dakota Veterans Cemetery, Mandan. Cleve was born in Dupree, S.D. May 28, 1930 to Rex and Hattie Cowley. Cleve graduated from Ambrose High School in June 1948 and joined the Navy two weeks after graduation. He married […]

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A Dog’s way home

When Bella becomes separated from Lucas, she soon finds herself on an epic 400-mile journey to reunite with her beloved owner. Along the way, the lost but spirited dog touches the lives of an orphaned mountain lion, a down-on-his-luck veteran and some friendly strangers who happen to cross her path. Rated PG (for thematic elements, some peril and language) Show […]

Political Cartoon

Politics and penny-pinching jeopardize legacy

Passing Dreams

Earnings from North Dakota’s Legacy Fund should be used for things that, well, leave a legacy. There’s a ton of money squirrelled away in the Legacy Fund – nearly $6 billion – generating a ton of earnings that are available for legislators to spend. There’s also a ton of ideas for spending it, some of them good, some not so […]

Localism as important as globalism

Whines & Roses

I have had the pleasure over the last couple of weeks of making five visits to an elementary school classroom to present lessons through the program Jr. Achievement. Aimed at teaching youngsters about a free market economy, trade and how our nation fits in with the global economy are worthy goals and so I was happy to help out. In […]

Bucks are not for gift cards

The Crosby Area Chamber and local merchants are cooperating to halt the use of Crosby Bucks for purchasing gift cards to out-of-area businesses. Chamber members noted at a recent meeting that allowing such purchases would defeat the purpose of having Crosby Bucks. The Crosby Bucks program has been in place for a couple of decades as a means of encouraging […]

Pie Day

Bruce Verlinde purchases a piece of pie during an FFA pie sale held during the Divide County Ag Day at the community center. Oops! An active online subscription is required to access this content. Please login below or Subscribe today! Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

105 and counting

Bernice Hanson and daughter Marlyn Marschner, along with friends and relatives, above, marked Bernice’s 105th birthday last week in Crosby. Oops! An active online subscription is required to access this content. Please login below or Subscribe today! Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

Glenwood Church records sought for safe keeping

People with connections to the Glenwood Lutheran Church and Cemetery are being asked to help preserve records that might otherwise be lost. The effort began when Rod Gillund, Crosby, approached the Glenwood cemetery board volunteering to help with such a project. “When church records are lost, they’re gone forever,” he said. He’s actually seen it happen, describing a situation elsewhere […]

Students get economics lessons

“Need!” shouted second graders in Kaylee Zorc’s classroom at Divide County Elementary school last week when Andrea Hanisch showed them a picture of a puppy. “Really?” Hanisch laughed. “Do you need a puppy, or do you want a puppy?” Hanisch’s lesson in what we need versus what we want is part of Junior Achievement’s Elementary school program, designed to give […]