Giving ideas

Foruth graders from June Grubb’s and Laine Klasinski’s classes shop Tuesday at a Christmas toy store at Central Elementary School. Oops! An active online subscription is required to access this content. Please login below or Subscribe today! Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

Grants help eateries help themselves

Jean DeJardine, owner of Beverly’s, said she’s looking forward to satisfying a craving she discovered in Crosby and Divide County residents last summer. Milkshakes. “We went through — oh my gosh — we made 20 to 30 milkshakes a day,” she said. Those were hand-dipped milkshakes, scooped from buckets of hard ice cream. “And you’re using hard ice cream; it’s […]

CWD case is confirmed

Test results confirm Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in a mule deer buck taken in Divide County earlier this season, according to a release Friday from the North Dakota Game and Fish department. “Unfortunately, the positive deer in Divide County doesn’t come as a big surprise,” said Dr. Charlie Bahnson, wildlife veterinarian for the department, following a CWD case found north […]

New teacher in Crosby is a Westby grad

Just over a month ago Brett Nielsen was a Montana State University student working toward a teaching degree. Now he’s the newest addition to the faculty at Divide County High School. “It was a quick turn around,” Nielsen said. That might be an understatement. Nielsen finished student teaching in Plentywood, Mont., on Friday, Dec. 7, and his first day at […]

County OKs new position for Sheriff’s office

While the process of interviewing applicants for deputy positions is underway, Sheriffelect Zach Schroeder is also planning to be out of the office, and on the roads. A lot. “I’m concerned about when Mike (Deputy Mike Dehn) and I are both out of the office,” Schroeder told county commissioners at last week’s meeting. “I’m worried about the phone not getting […]

Braggin’ rights

Director of Tax Equalization Director Heather Kippen claimed the prize last week of a golden ceramic cookie jar for her entry, right, in the Courthouse door decorating contest. Oops! An active online subscription is required to access this content. Please login below or Subscribe today! Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

County will pay for marker for Coalfield Cemetery

Even though it’s marked on a map, if you don’t know exactly where to look, finding Coalfield Cemetery southwest of Noonan is tricky. There’s nothing to tell passersby the one-acre plot is the final resting place of 13 Divide County residents. Donna Lagein wants to change that. “We’d like to get a sign to put on the fence,” she told […]

Continuing the web transition

Whines & Roses

Notwitstanding a few bugaboos causing problems for a few subscribers trying to sign in to their accounts, our transition to a refreshed website and a new membership management system has gone well. It continues to evolve. And as soon as I think everything is set, we learn things. Like, at the start, our technicians told us that it would not […]

There’s a bit of lunacy in those legislative halls

Passing Dreams

When I read the papers Friday my next stop was the calendar to see if there was a full moon. Everyone knows a full moon brings out some crazy stuff. You know, lunacy, the root word being lunar, “of or relating to the moon.” The full moon actually was a day later, Saturday, Dec. 22. Close enough for the lunacy […]