We need more free stuff!

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Posted 11/12/15 (Thu)

By Don Anderson


We have to stop the insanity and unfair treatment that many of us are experiencing -- NOW! It wasn't until I heard the news today that I realized how unfair it is to live in this country,or this state or even this city.
There are protests all over the country now by college kids that are being so unfairly treated that they just cant handle it any more. Some are now asking that their tuition be paid and their student loans be forgiven. I agree. We all need to get more free stuff.
Look at life in little ol Crosby. Is there any reason why other people in town should have multiple vehicles, including two or sometimes three brand new ones and I have a four year old pickup? I am an American -- I am entitled to a new vehicle too!! Isn't there a way that the government can subsidize new cars and trucks so everybody pays the same and everyone can afford one (or two)?
And while were at it, I know several people that have big garages that I would like -- lets pass a law making that an entitlement also!
"AMERICA -- We don't stop at just providing a new car in every garage, we will pay for the garage too!!"
And what about high school sports?
It is so unfair to let the best players on the team be starters all the time. Even if those players that are "starting" spent hundreds of hours practicing in the summer and went to every camp they could, never missed practice and always gave 100 percent. I think every player thats on a varsity team should rotate through the starting positions, even if the non starters only play the sport during the season, never attend camps, and are fairly lazy at practice -- everybody should be treated equal!
Does all this sound right -- like the American dream?
Wait, I just had a thought -- maybe I don't have that stuff because of some FAULTS of my own, whether it be poor money management, limited education, lack of motivation or whatever. 
And maybe the other people that have the nicer stuff WORKED HARDER than I did to get it!! Maybe the players that are starters actually DESERVED what they have worked so hard for!!!
A friend once told me to never feed a stray dog or cat cuz once they know there is free food you'll never get rid of them. Does the same principle apply to humans?
Let me give you a little project to test my theory (but you have to wait for the next football season).
Lets make a list of all the fans that come to the first three home football games next year. I'll bet it is virtually all the same people on the DC side each week. Now when NCC and Burke Divide give away FREE hamburgers lets make a new list. Think there will be a difference? You bet there is. You will see people that don't even like football show up just because they can get a free meal.
I was sitting by a friend at the game this year when the free morsels were offered and he said "You wait, so and so (I will leave the guys name out) will be here just for the free burgers." and it wasn't five minute later that this old timer was in the food line, and he went back at least a couple more times.
Not because he couldn't afford to pay, but because it was FREE.
Did you ever watch the movie Jurassic Park? Remember the scene when Jeff Goldblum says to the guy who created the park "The problem you have here is what your doing didn't require the discipline to attain it! You read what others had done and you took the next step."
Now lets switch that logic into the "Free stuff" craze we have today.
If you tell 10 million kids that they can go to college for free, my guess is about a third of them have no interest in college at all, have no intent of getting a degree, and will jump in the food line -- I mean college sign up line just because they didn't have to do anything except be an American to get there -- IT'S FREE.
Here's  an idea that I think might work though. 
What if we keep college the same as it is now where you pay yourself, through scholarships, family money - whatever. Once you GRADUATE you are eligible for "cash back"  -- like the credit card companies give.
I wrote a possible commercial for the first tv spot to get this rolling-- "Get a college degree in American and get up to 50% cash back when you graduate. What's in your wallet? If it's a US passport you qualify!!" (Don't get me started on the citizenship thing!!)
My theory is, just like cloning dinosaurs, if you have to put some effort into the benefit, the success rate will be much higher!
Life requires work, and as unfair as it seams sometimes, there will ALWAYS be people that have more than you, and there will ALWAYS be people that think they are entitled to what you have. 
Watch out when you go on a crusade for letting the government provide all this free stuff, because we all know SOMEONE has to pay and it might just be you wether you like it or not!!
ps -- If you think we are all entitled to free stuff I could really use a new pickup!!