Of weddings, marijuana and babies

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Posted 5/22/18 (Tue)

Whines & Roses
By Cecile Wehrman

You will have to forgive me if this column is just a little disjointed. I’ve got a lot on my mind these days.
I am getting married! Journal Publishing reporter Brad Nygaard and I are getting married -- surprising precisely no one, I am sure!
What you may not know is that we’re tying the knot for the second time -- on the day (July 1) that would have been our 30th wedding anniversary.
We spent our last honeymoon at Fortuna’s Diamond Jubilee celebration in 1988. We’re going to try for a little more removed destination this time -- even if only for a few days.
And speaking of weddings, how could you not feel transported by the royal wedding, broadcast to some 29 million people on Saturday? I did not watch the William and Kate soiree in 2011, but I did make a little extra effort this weekend to get up a little early so I could catch some of Meghan and Prince Harry’s ceremony.
Meghan’s dress was divinely understated. Harry’s military uniform, dashing. The flowers, the sermon, the music -- I could go on and on. For all its protocol, I felt more like a wedding crasher than a minion having been given a beautiful view of two people, obviously very much in love, exchanging their vows. It almost makes you believe in fairy tales!

Texas shooting
The news of yet another school shooting, last week in Sante Fe, near Houston, plunged the country yet again into mourning.
I saw a quote from a performer who said, basically, “Let’s not have a moment of silence,” because it doesn’t seem to be working.
Moments of silence aren’t bringing these young victms back, nor is it addressing whatever combination of mental illness, disenfranchisement or radical influence is causing so many young men to take up arms and kill a bunch of people who are perfectly innocent.
I am currently reading a book about how and why millenials seem to have the economic deck stacked against them -- a system where they must go in debt for education to have any hope of getting a loan to buy a big house they can’t afford or any of the toys society tells them they ought to aspire to having. Do they have a sense of entitlement? Maybe to some degree, but regardless of what they feel entitled to, a young person graduating high school this year may well wonder, “What’s it all for?”
There is a serious problem in a society where young person after young person is either taking up arms, taking up drugs, or just checking out.
Which brings me to . . .

Marijuana legalization
You will never convince me that legalization of recreational marijuana is something to pursue in this country.
I came of age at a time when virtually none of my peers had not tried it or smoked it regularly. I will be turning 55 this week and guess what? Many of my peers are still smoking weed, to the detriment of themselves and their loved ones. I’ve seen pot destroy marriages and ambition, completely altering lives that should have been much more loving and productive.
It’s not enough to say, “If you want to smoke it in your own home, so be it.”
Could pot stop young men from taking up arms and shooting innocents? There’s got to be a better solution than allowing people access to a drug that can wreak a different havoc.

Soon a granny
As I write this Monday morning I am awaiting the call that says, “It’s time.”
My eldest, Catrina, is due to give birth any minute.
We’ve been working seven days a week lately anyway, due to staff shortages, but this weekend, especially, I felt the need to do as much work ahead as possible. I could yet run out the door of the newspaper prior to putting the paper to bed and leave to my employees the task of buttoning up the last stories and making the last corrections.
It’s really something, when I stop to think of it -- I’ll be a first-time grandma and a newlywed in a span of just a few weeks.
Ain’t life grand?