It's a dogs life

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Posted 8/12/15 (Wed)

By Don Anderson

One of my worst fears may have been realized! Those that are parents probably know what I'm talking about. You want the best for your kids, and when they grow up you hope they have matured into responsible adults. I have apparently failed. I don't know what I should have done differently, but I'm not one to easily give up when it comes to family. So I'm going to make one last push to try right this wrong. Oh, I forgot to mention where in my trouble lies -- its with my fifth child Ella. While watching Fox News tonight my puppy (Ella)  took the remote control from me TWICE and changed the channel. 

And it was during the Dennis miller segment on O'Reilly which we all know everyone LOVES. I didn't even know she knew how to do that. My conclusion -- she must be a democrat. 
I can  take the pee on the floor, but this may be too much to swallow. She need to learn two things real fast. First: NEVER touch the remote. 
Second: especially while I'm being "brain washed" by truth!!
Maybe the free food, letting her sleep in all day, and giving her free vet visits need to be scaled back.
I'm the one bringing home the bacon in this house, or should I say Beggin Strips. But it's me who mops up the pee, scoops up the hard stuff, takes her out about 15 times a night, and let's her literally destroy common things around our house. 
The other day she came into the bathroom, jumped up and grabbed a corner of the toilet paper and made a run for it. It's amazing how when you want to USE the paper that it tears just a couple squares into your effort, but when a dog get a hold of it it stays together for half a roll. 
There's going to be changes in the Anderson house starting tonight!
(This post is the result of heat exhaustion.) have a great evening. Stay cool!!