Hunter or assassin?

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Posted 8/03/15 (Mon)

By Don Anderson,

This whole Cicel the lion thing reminded me of an incident a few years back when a guy from Florida came up to divide county to hunt. He wanted to get a Bison "trophy" so he asked around. It turned out a local guy (I'll leave his name out but he told me the story in person) knew of a place that had buffalo fenced in and some were old and ready to be "put down". So the Florida "hunter" took his bow and arrow, slide under the fence, carefully stalked his caged prey (he actually stepped over a cow pie but stalked sounded better), and shot it. I would guess the last thing that went through the critters head, other that the arrow, was "what was that all about -- I'm in a cage for heavens sake!. 

After the animal had passed, they took a farm tractor with a front loader on it, wrapped a chain around the back legs and hoisted the bison high off the ground so "Daniel Boone" could have a souvenir picture to bring back to Florida to show all the retired people in his home state. I would expect he had the head mounted so he could tell his "Teddy Roosevelt" buffalo hunt in North Dakota stories to his grandchildren.

That buffalo was assassinated, not hunted. The same goes for Cecil the Lion.
I think that dentist had every right to do what he did, but he wasn't hunting. He hired legal poachers to get what he wanted. Strap a dead, bleeding animal to your jeep and lure the lion to where you can shot it with a crossbow! REALLY!! I say if you want a lion head trophy, have someone drop you off in the middle of the lions territory at midnight and tell them to pick you up in a week or so. Let's see where you are in the food chain then.