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Posted 12/07/15 (Mon)

1: No matter what time of day John met you, his greeting was 'Good morning". Didn't matter if it was 8 am, 2 in the afternoon, or 10 o'clock at night.
2: When answering the phone John never said "Hello", it was always "Yeh, go ahead."
3: John's grandkids were "Sherill's grandkids", or "critters."
4: John always got four quarters in change when paying for his lunch. He would put the change aside and give it to a young boy from the church to put in an offering for needy children.
5: When driving with John, no matter if you're going to Stanley of Seattle, there was NEVER any radio allowed. I did both trips -- he hated radio!
6: When getting cleaned up to go with John to a ball game stay away from the cologne. John's "snoot" was very sensitive!!!
7: If John asked "Do you want a Coke?" I learned to answer direct Yes or No. If you said "No, I'm fine." he would ALWAYS say "I know you are, but thats not what I asked."
8: Anyone who asked John "How are you John?" his reply "I look good."
9: One of John favorite saying (he learned from Orvin Egge) --  "People never seem to have time to do things right, but they always find time to do it again."
It just seems ironic that a man with as big of a heart as John would die from a bad heart!!
John and I hatched a scheme to 'get" Sherill good. You see, Sherill was obsessed with spelling and grammar. I took their Christmas picture several years ago and Sherill wanted photo with their names imprinted so she wouldn't have to sign them all. I told her "No problem"
Her instructions were clear -- "You make sure and spell my name right."
I ordered 155 cards, gave them to John, and the fun began. John set the cards on the kitchen counter for Sherill to see, then went back to the bedroom.
Suddenly he hears "JOHN!!! He messed them up. He's going to pay to have them reprinted!!"
John walked out, pulled a card midway through the stack and handed it to Sherill "These look fine to me."
Sherill looked at her card again, then at the one John handed her, then back at her's. "THATS NOT FUNNY!!" she said. Every year we would remind Sherill about the 5 cards that I had specially made with Serill spelled wrong, and 150 that were just as she had ordered. All just to see if we could "Get her" -- We did!!
What fun memories I have of my days John and Sherill. I just love the Foslands!!