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Facts speak for themselves; journalists need not opine

The spin is what divides us.

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High school football in October just cannot be beat

This will be the second trip Divide County has made to New Salem. The first one was unforgettable.

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Calling out my friends on Facebook, in a nice way

I feel compelled, as a journalist, to try to set the record straight.

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Planning for a happy retirement

I will have no trouble living comfortably to the ripe old age of 100, provided I work until I am 107.

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Standing, kneeling, locking arms -- all are American

What better place to take a stand -- or not -- than with millions upon millions of citizens watching?

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Want to feel good? Try being a hero

Never in history have so many of us done so much or contributed so generously to help others in need than after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

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And now, a word from our sponsor

Most commercials I can take or leave, but there are some that are downright annoying.

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Clothes really do make the man

I have never cared that much about fashion. My current style is probably best described as hobo formal.

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Facebook fuels an addiction to outrage

What possesses people to post some of this stuff?

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Boston march restores some faith in United States

A great majority of our citizens will not stand for hate. I stand with them. 

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