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We need more free stuff!

We have to stop the insanity and unfair treatment that many of us are experiencing -- NOW! It wasn't until I heard the news today that I realized how unfair it is to live in this country,or this state or even this city. There are protests all over the country now by college kids that are being so unfairly treated that they just cant handle it any more. Some are now asking that their tuition be paid and their student loans be forgiven. I agree. We all need to get more free stuff.

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DELETE doesn't mean it's gone!!

By Don Anderson Isn't the digital age amazing!! I can go to a ball game, snap off 400 to 500 photos, edit through them right on the sideline, delete the bad ones, and within minutes of arriving home have them safely saved on my computer, and a few more moments later they usually are published to my Facebook page for everyone to see. Thats the good stuff with technology, but like everything, there is a down side.

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My favorite time of year!

By Don Anderson One thing I truly love is high school football season. I'm not sure when I developed my obsession though. I know it wasn't in high school -- we were a terrible football team.

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It's a dogs life

One of my worst fears may have been realized! Those that are parents probably know what I'm talking about.

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They're just kids

By Don Anderson

With our hometown sports teams kicking into gear this coming week I'm reminded of a comment from a friend of mine who was a long time basketball ref. When I asked him if he would ever consider reffing again, His answer was -- "Only if it was at an orphanage. Then I wouldn't have to deal with the parents!" It's just a game, they're just kids, we are the adults!! Hoping the Maroons have a GREAT year!!

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Hunter or assassin?

This whole Cicel the lion thing reminded me of an incident a few years back when a guy from Florida came up to divide county to hunt.

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