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Escape from the dysfunction, discord and disrespect

Sometimes I feel like I am starting to identify with Will McAvoy.

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An ailment a day keeps doctor away

Every day, I experience a new ache, strain or pain. I have had the common cold and the uncommon cold.

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Mama said there would be days like this

Have you noticed how many Days there are these days?

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Shouldn’t we want spending oversight?

Debate is lining up on both sides of the Initiated Measure proposing to quadruple the tax rate on tobacco products, including vaping.

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FB use spells disaster (or tries to)

Everybody is always so mad on Facebook. Well, I’m offended that everyone seems to have abandoned the English language.

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It will be a cold day in North Dakota

Warm weather doesn’t really belong to us here; it seems to be on loan from somewhere else.

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Pining nostalgic while celebrating 85th birthday

There were 35 of us who gathered to celebrate the milestone birthday of the guy who is called Dad, Grandpa, Papa John or just plain John.

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Call it whatever you want, visioning really does work

You only need look around any small North Dakota community to see the fruit of collective visioning.

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A special session now seems politically motivated

Pleas for a special session to deal with money issues went unheeded until now, when the men in charge are on their way out the door.

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Being a dad is no joking matter

John Joseph Bayer loved a good dad joke, and I have inherited this gene.

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