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Ag, oil economies seem precarious

Two new articles make me worry for small towns like Crosby and Tioga, yet we have always managed to hang on somehow.

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Lack of news a campaign contribution?

When a supposed news outlet takes what amounts to a bribe for favorable coverage, it robs all media of legitimacy.

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Turning a surly attitude around

Sometimes there is no escaping the need to be plain old crotchety. Thus began my 10 days of dog-sitting.

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Journalists should ask hard questions

This week, more than 100 newspapers across the country are publishing editorials on the danger of rhetoric undermining a free press.

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Inventory of Trump opinions shared

A longtime subscriber complained that we are heavy on Trump criticism and cartoons.

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Small towns urge shift in shopping

If local residents do not buy what they can at home, there will be less to buy there in the future.

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Trump's lying presents a conundrum

If only it were simple to find out what is true.

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Betting could soon come to Bison football and more

There is little to be gained from opening up sports betting in our state. But if it happens, what would be your threshold of tolerance?

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All-North Dakota adventure has all-American end

Our cross-state road trip with our 10-year-old granddaughter spanned 1,800 miles and 26 counties.

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Minot grant decision shortsighted

Minot, after decades of acknowledging the contribution shoppers from small towns made to their economy, has decided -- apparently -- that how its feeder communities fare is no longer as important as keeping that money in Minot.

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