2017 Celebration partners deserve much of the credit

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Posted 8/08/17 (Tue)

Whines & Roses
By Cecile Wehrman

As chairman of the steering committee for the 2017 Celebration, I am lucky because I was so visible. It was so touching to have people shake my hand and say what a great time they had last weekend -- one woman with tears in her eyes!
But the truth is it takes a whole community to pull off a celebration like this -- plus a dedicated committee of five other women and a group of men who worked behind the scenes. You can see a complete (I hope) list of celebration partners on Page 10.
First, there’s KayCee Lindsey, Divide County Community Developer. KayCee is the reason there were three different stages in the sports arena, as well as Legos and chalk for the kids downtown. As recently as two days before the celebration, KayCee was still trying to find a way to squeeze in one more event. She is tireless. Hands down, KayCee did more work than the rest of us combined -- from monitoring online registrations and game sales to arranging snacks for band members.
Sandra Simonson, president of the Divide County Economic Development Council, was our comic relief -- always ready with a deadpan line. She can be so serious, and then, suddenly, a zinger! She lined up the fireworks vendor and organized the parade with Melissa Adams. Sandra  is also the reason we had such nice lanyards and nametags.
Pam Urvand, owner of Crafts 4-U, has been on board from the beginning. She is donating a portion of her T-shirt sales to the celebration. She also lined up all the volunteers for the gate Saturday, among other chores.
Marlo Stubbs, one of the busiest women in Crosby, coordinated all of the sports activities, from alumni games to the Color Splash to the sand volleyball out at the country club on Sunday. Left to me, we’d have had couch races and nothing else!
Kay Garbel, owner of Garbel’s Furniture and Flooring, is another super busy gal. I think of Kay as our fine-detail lady. When she figured out about a month ago that no one was really on the garbage detail, she took it on, along with lots of other logistical chores.
Divide County Commissioner Doug Graupe was our courthouse liaison. Along with Commissioner Gerald Brady, who was flipping burgers out at the community center Saturday, and Commissioner Tim Selle, the county supported the celebration by sponsoring the courthouse meal. Doug also arranged most of the courthouse program -- and then there’s that thing about overseeing the construction of a major building addition!
Last, a latecomer to our group, Brock Harward, the park director, along with his staff -- Terry Crotts, Keaton Oien, Tyler Harward, Tyler Deering and Brittany Harward -- moved the tables, emptied the trash cans and did a million other tasks requiring muscle. They worked almost around the clock, and I am not kidding! People were coming up to me all weekend saying it all ran like clockwork. Well, Brock and crew are a big reason why. We could not have done it without them. 
I said from the beginning that we weren’t going to marshal an army for this event, only appeal to the many community groups who are already pros at putting on their own events -- asking them to do their “thing” during the celebration. With each group covering the logistics of their portion of the celebration, it worked great. Many hands make light work.
I could not be more pleased that we came out of this weekend with so many smiling faces, so many gratified visitors. That’s thanks enough for me.
This event also solidifies for me the idea that we, as a community, must make an effort like this on a regular basis to keep our distant natives plugged in. A community isn’t just a geographical place, but a group connected by ties to a place like Divide County. We are all enriched by the continued connection of our past residents.
Already Sunday, I felt the luster of the weekend slipping away. Main Street was quiet once again, and it seemed somehow dimmer with so many of our stars already hitting the road.