Reaching out, from Rome, Italy

Letter to the Editor

All affected by the Covid-19 are in our thoughts and prayers.

Go to Joseph (Genesis 41:55).

North Dakota, please pray the Litany of Saint Joseph every day.

(Editor’s Note: After receiving the above message on our web page, we wrote to inquire on Dunnigan’s interest in North Dakota and any connection to our state.

He replied: “I’ve been writing and sending this message since the bugger got started. I wrote all of China before we went on lockdown last March. Did Italy as well. I’ve done a good part of Europe. Last week, I read an article in an Italian newspaper that showed the statistics for Covid-19 in the USA. North Dakota has the highest/worst stats regarding your population.

“My God-mother Arlene Huiet is from North Dakota. Her husband Frank, my God-father, was in the Airforce during the Korean conflict. They met in Minot, got married, and they settled in Xenia, Ohio. Best to you all, (it’s a small world), Matt.”

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