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For the love of softball

I am thrilled to announce that all the softball field expenses have been taken care of through grants and other donations!

This includes the field, fence, dugouts, and scoreboard. The Park District has offered to let the school borrow the softball equipment as well. The interest in softball during the high school spring season has grown. As of this year, there are 16 girls who have signed up to commit to the spring season, which is more than enough players for one team.

For the past two years, these young women have been working hard to get this sport registered as a school sponsored sport. The main reason why these young women have been pushing for a high school season is because all the teams in our District have switched from a fast pitch summer league to a fast pitch high school league. This then only leaves three slow pitch games in Montana during the summer league season; quite clearly three games are not much of a season. Ray and Stanley both have their own teams. Kenmare co-ops with Bowbells and Sherwood.

A spring season would give athletes the opportunity to develop their skills, maintain discipline in the classroom, and bring more involvement to the community. Softball will not take away from either Golf or Track and Field. A spring season of softball can only add to the benefit of the school.

For those who would like to share their support in making softball a high school sanctioned sport, please contact your local School Board Member and let him or her know of your support. In addition, there will be a School Board meeting on November 15th to decide whether or not softball will be included as a high school sport for the spring season of 2019.

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