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Hess Corporation speaks to fire, pipeline spill


Posted 7/14/15 (Tue)

By Nicky Ouellet
Hess Tioga Gas Plant LLC reported two separate incidents in the Tioga area last week.
A fire at a treater tank at the gas plant on Sunday, July 5, required response from the Tioga Fire Department. Roughly 40 gallons of oil were released during the fire, all of which were contained on location, according to an incident report submitted to the North Dakota Department of Health. 
On Wednesday, Hess reported a leak in a natural gas pipeline 10 miles south of Tioga. Roughly one barrel of condensate, which is a mixture of liquid petroleum products and hydrocarbons, escaped along with an unknown amount of gas.
The condensate entered nearby Dry Fork Creek, posing a risk to wildlife inhabiting the body of water.
Condensate spills from natural gas pipelines happen on a fairly regular basis but pose little threat to humans, said Karl Rockeman of the NDDoH Water Quality Division. The gas disperses into the atmosphere quickly, which limits potential health risks to anyone not on site at the time of the spill.
“The biggest risk would be to the animals living in the water,” Rockeman said. “That’s the primary concern that we’re worried about.”
Hess has begun cleanup of the contaminated water and soil and continues to monitor the impacted area.