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My political predictions bring the kiss of death

Maybe voters are waiting to hear what I have to say so they know how not to vote.

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Spring cleaning for writing ideas

I feel the need to clean out my notebook by compiling my random thoughts and sharing them; enjoy.

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Exhaustion sets in for those who remain moderate

I am becoming bogged down in a quagmire of extreme views.

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Pink streamers and happy tears

Nana B had finished 12 weeks of chemotherapy and a month of radiation treatments. And so it was that we came to celebrate.

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Challenge yourself to take in differing viewpoints

Instead of just scrolling through your news feed, seek out a viewpoint different than yours.

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You have a lovely

I kind of hate Facebook, which is why I have decided to create a new social network.

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Legisville is another world, but not that different

For four months every other year, a new, temporary city springs up right in the middle of Bismarck.

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A manly tale of a manly man

The great thing about men is that we stay cool under pressure. I had to exhibit this amazing quality when my car broke down.

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Legislative session begins, new governor entices

A new session of the North Dakota Legislature is under way, but the most interesting thing about it is Doug Burgum.

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This year’s changes will ripple into the future

By Cecile Wehrman -- I enjoy the “chore” each year of surveying all of our front page headlines to compile a list of the top stories. It’s become a Christmas week tradition and whether the story runs in the 52nd issue of the year ending or the first week of the new year, it’s a process I find fascinating. If newspapers write the first draft of history, a year end compilation must be the second draft.

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