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American affluence; not always good

The persistent war in Washington cannot end without a truce which rejects the all-or-nothing mentality which continues to carry the day.

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Spare me your encouragement

I’m a contrarian by nature. Whatever the prevailing opinion is, I tend to take the opposite view.

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Uncle Matt left view of the world through his eyes

For our family, he was Uncle Matt. Sure, it was a little awkward to refer to someone 16 years your junior as Uncle, but that was Matt.

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The good, the bad and the icy

I’ve noticed that when something negative occurs, people respond in one of two ways.

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Have you forgotten anything lately?

In those years of business when my brain was called to multitask, I cannot even guess how much time I spent looking for something misplaced.

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A bird of a different feather

I have good news, North Dakotans. I’m back!

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5th national title brings positive PR to North Dakota

Even for a University of North Dakota partisan sitting in a recliner thousands of miles north in Bismarck, this football game was awesome.

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A price for feeding your family

OK, I admit it. I detest occupational licensing. It kills jobs and opportunities, particularly for the poor. But my, how it has spread over the years.

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A baby boy born in a stable brings the cheddar

Arthur Steven stopped over Saturday afternoon. Though not yet 2, A. Steven, in many respects, is much like Papa Steve.

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The perfect Christmas letter

Christmas will be here before you know it. Time to get those family Christmas letters written and into the mail. Like always, I have some tips.

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