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Christmas around the world

The date for exchanging Christmas gifts varies by region. I will accept presents on any of these days.

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Putting names and faces to numbers and acronyms

It is fair game for legislators to eliminate an agency if they believe the money can be better spent. The troubling part is when it becomes personal.

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Singing is still the fruit of a long life

The choir at my senior assisted living center is easily the poorest of the lot. But we have fun.

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Going cold turkey on the Thanksgiving Day turkey

This year, our time-honored Thanksgiving traditions had a twist.

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Get ready for snowsuit season

If you are struggling to pack on the pounds for winter, here are a few tips to help you.

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Lutheran bishops offer bridge for troubled waters

Mark Narum and Terry Brandt traveled to meet with native leaders in Fort Yates and in the camps and in Bismarck.

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Looking for names on the Forbes 400

Forbes magazine reported the names of the 400 wealthiest Americans. I scanned the list but could not seem to find my name.

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The price of safety is often freedom

In the name of keeping you safe, excessive occupational licensing unknowingly makes your life more complex and more expensive.

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Something does not compute

Technology certainly makes our lives easier -- except when it stops working properly.

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Halloween is not just for kids

The fact that I am no longer a child does not stop me from dressing up.

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