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Betting could soon come to Bison football and more

There is little to be gained from opening up sports betting in our state. But if it happens, what would be your threshold of tolerance?

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All-North Dakota adventure has all-American end

Our cross-state road trip with our 10-year-old granddaughter spanned 1,800 miles and 26 counties.

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Minot grant decision shortsighted

Minot, after decades of acknowledging the contribution shoppers from small towns made to their economy, has decided -- apparently -- that how its feeder communities fare is no longer as important as keeping that money in Minot.

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Grateful for the memories of our hometown

Members of the Andrist family descended on Crosby last weekend for the burial of the family patriarch.

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Immigraton policy cannot stand

Is this a country that supports the idea of using children as pawns to achieve a political end?

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In small towns, relationships matter

Reporting in a small community puts you in touch with just about everybody at one time or another.

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New grandma loses all objectivity

New grandma loses all objectivity

My first grandchild just met his great-grandmother, so we got a four-generations photo that deserves to be shared.

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Communications director does not communicate

Formerly with the Doug Burgum campaign, Jahan Wilcox is now with a federal agency that is blocking reporters from its events.

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Of weddings, marijuana and babies

I will be a first-time grandma and a newlywed in a span of just a few weeks.

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Sometimes, miracle cures are elementary

What is wrong with my balance? The world-famous Mayo Clinic came to an unexpected conclusion.

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