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Immigraton policy cannot stand

Is this a country that supports the idea of using children as pawns to achieve a political end?

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In small towns, relationships matter

Reporting in a small community puts you in touch with just about everybody at one time or another.

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New grandma loses all objectivity

New grandma loses all objectivity

My first grandchild just met his great-grandmother, so we got a four-generations photo that deserves to be shared.

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Communications director does not communicate

Formerly with the Doug Burgum campaign, Jahan Wilcox is now with a federal agency that is blocking reporters from its events.

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Of weddings, marijuana and babies

I will be a first-time grandma and a newlywed in a span of just a few weeks.

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Sometimes, miracle cures are elementary

What is wrong with my balance? The world-famous Mayo Clinic came to an unexpected conclusion.

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North Dakota nice on display at early debate

If our U.S. House candidates were there to duke it out, the gloves never came off.

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I have lots of bees in my bonnet lately

It seems everyone is a little less civil these days, a little more determined to get what they think they have coming to them.

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When sales tax fails, turn to the use tax

Online retailers are not required to collect and remit sales taxes. The playing field is not level.

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Every millennial could use a trip to the Holocaust Museum

No one should ever, ever forget, and yet the number of people unfamiliar with the 1940s genocide of 6 million Jews is increasing.

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