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Water Update

At a meeting at 3 p.m. this afternoon, the state Department of Health (DOH), in agreement with the cities of Fortuna, Noonan and Columbus, and the emergency managers of Divide and Burke counties, lifted the boil water alert for these communities, served by the now repaired Western Area Water Supply Authority (WAWSA) line that ruptured March 13. Crosby, however, remains on a boil alert. All water for drinking, dish-washing, tooth-brushing, etc. should be boiled for one minute and let to cool before being used. Crosby will remain under the boil alert until water tests delivered to Williston Tuesday morning come back and show the water for the city is safe to drink.

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Divide County approves contract with flight service; may join multi-county suit

Divide County commissioners last week approved a one-year contract with Valley Med Flight and decided to look at joining a multi-county lawsuit over the siting of oil treatment facilities.

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Crosby fire company was prepared, despite no water

Last week’s water outage prompted many questions, in particular what would have happened if there was a fire to fight and there was no water available? According to Crosby Fire Company Chief Travis Running, the fire company was fully prepared to battle a blaze without relying on city water supplies.

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